• Floral

    As a florist, you are the trusted supplier of emotional gestures, delivering expressions of hope, love, and sympathy around the corner and around the world.

  • Legal

    Attorneys need to minimize time spent on trivial, yet necessary tasks such as record keeping and client phone tag and maximize productivity of client communication, case management and billable time tracking.

  • Real Estate

    Whether you are a developer, architect, realtor or contractor, as a real estate professional, your business depends on building relationships and meeting the needs of your clients.

  • Financial

    Managing customers' investments and assets means financial institutions must be held to the highest standards. Communication systems, such as IP-PBX and Fax Servers ensure that your customers are cared for.

  • Healthcare & Wellness

    Communication technologies integrated with computer applications can reap large benefits for medical practices prior to, during and after patient care.

  • Marketing

    In the fast-paced world of deadlines, creative energy and fierce competition, today's marketing, advertising and public relations professionals depend on their connections and timing and reliability are critical.

  • Executive Search & Staffing Firms

    Making the right connection between client and candidate creates a win-win-win situation for all parties involved. The keys: high quality communication, rapid response and excellent record keeping.

  • Insurance

    Whether you offer comprehensive consulting and care or are a high volume, low price leader, being available to prospective customers at their convenience is critical to gaining new business.

  • Automotive Dealers

    From initial inquiry through final product delivery, the telephone is your dealership's lifeline. After the sale, differentiate your business with a service department that responds in a timely and organized fashion.


The communications infrastructure of a business is paramount in ensuring that both your internal communication with staff and external communication with customers and vendors is effective and timely.

Alternate Access works with small to medium sized businesses around the country and has implemented its solutions across a wide variety of industries.  In some cases, industry-specific applications have been developed or integrated to further enhance the value of the solution to achieve an organization’s specific goals - while addressing its particular challenges - more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Alternate Access serves a diverse client base.  We have worked with financial services organizations including banking and mortgage companies; with marketing companies, including advertising, tradeshow, pr and web developers; software companies that provide a variety of packaged and on-line services to their customers; services businesses including legal, accounting and staffing; real estate companies, including construction; the automotive industry; multi-shop florists;  medical practices, insurance and manufacturing companies, and more.  Our clients also vary in size and location.


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