Alternate Access offers premise-based and hosted IP-PBX solutions for businesses across a wide variety of industries. These solutions deliver unprecedented communications capabilities to companies.

  • Fax Servers

    A fax server allows these documents to be received at the desktop, automatically filed electronically and distributed to the necessary parties and improves productivity by sending documents directly from desktops.

  • Short Message Sender

    Our commercial text messaging solution offers unlimited texting for scheduled or spontaneous messages from computer systems to cell phones; provides bidirectional communication; and enables businesses to maintain control of their customer data.

  • IVR Systems

    Alternate Access has experience in all areas of IVR development. We have successfully deployed applications that not only use touch tones for input, but have also implemented automatic speech recognition.

  • Telephones & Specialty Phones

    Our products are open system designed and can support a wide variety of telephone sets that feature high quality speakers, multiple line appearances and much more.

  • Telephony Interface Boards

    Telephony Interface Boards support high density voice, fax and voice over IP applications. We help our customers select the correct telephony interface boards suited to their application requirements.

  • Telephony Servers

    Telephony Servers are designed to run the common operating systems demanded by today's telephony applications. The servers have the features to accommodate telephony cards.

  • Video Conferencing and Desktop Sharing

    Video Conferencing and Desktop Sharing allow users to view and hear presentations instantly using existing Internet connections and a telephone or two-way audio enabled computer.

Phone Systems and Related Communications Products

As an integrator of communication solutions, Alternate Access goes to great lengths to evaluate, test and provide feedback to our vendors on their products. Alternate Access completes vendor training and certifications and keeps up-to-date on products so we can be certain, and you can be assured, we implement highly reliable, high performance solutions.

Products that we develop in-house go through rigorous testing and evaluation before they are released for customer use. Our variety of VoIP products, including Fonality trixbox®, Vertical TeleVantage® and Wave® and AastraLink Pro®, offer small and medium-sized businesses cost effective ways to take advantage of myriad PBX features and provide our customers choice based on their particular communication needs.

In addition, we offer many products that can address industry specific needs. In Legal, Financial and Healthcare offices where confidentiality and privacy are a priority, fax servers can aid the business in adhering to privacy standards. IVR systems help many service based businesses, like florists, insurance agencies and automotive dealers, take care of routine tasks such as account updates, appointment scheduling and general inquiries, reducing the number of routine calls to the operator by up to 95%. Video Conferencing and Desktop Sharing allow users to collaborate real-time and "in person” through a standard internet connection. This product is especially helpful in real estate, advertising and executive search where meeting face to face or collaborating real time with others is important. With the use of text messaging steadily on the rise across all demographics, our short message sender enables you to reach customers, employees or constituents quickly and directly and provides unlimited, bidirectional text messaging to match any business needs.

In addition to telephony interface boards, we offer a wide array of commercial quality headsets and specialty phones from industry leading manufacturers to suit nearly everyone’s preference and budget.

Our array of best-in-class products, combined with many years of experience in the converged communications field, means we can recommend the solutions that best suit your needs and implement them to achieve real return on investment and competitive advantage for your business.