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CallTower's Native Skype for Business

CallTower’s Native for Skype for Business

The Worlds Most Dynamic Communication System

CallTower brings the future of anytime, anywhere communications to your business.

Do you want to stay productive wherever you go? Do you want to work faster and find exciting new ways to communicate, build deeper insights, and share information using your favorite devices?

Do you want your business tools that work as hard as you do? As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can turn the world’s most universal software package into a complete hosted phone system for your business — Now that’s ground-breaking!

Skype for Business improves business communication and collaboration by streamlining interactions with employees and customers across the globe!

Adding CallTower Complete telephone and conferencing capabilities to your Office 365 license enables your business to boost productivity and save valuable money.

This communications platform behaves just like business class telephone systems that organizations have come to rely upon for day-to-day operations + it is enhanced with mobility apps, voice mail options, security, storage, collaboration and conferencing plans and much, much more.

ROI Calculator

Use our ROI calculator to discover significant business savings when you implement a hosted Skype for Business solution in the cloud! Click here.

To schedule a demonstration, Click demo.

CallTower's Microsoft Voice Solutions

We have put together a white paper detailing our Microsoft Voice solutions. There are vast differences between your current Skype for Business solution and Microsoft Teams - these are two very different solutions.

Check out our White Paper on CallTower's Microsoft Voice Solutions.

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