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    Communication solutions that allow you to deliver superior customer service, improve staff performance and efficiency, while generating a dramatic return on investment.

    Hosted VoIP and Collaboration

    Determine if a hosted phone system is right for you.

    Alternate Access sets up your system so we own the connection across the VoIP network from our georedundant data centers to the desktop computer, telephone or mobile device. Our pre-installation project management and comprehensive support ensure your implementation is well planned, non-disruptive and worry-free.

    Multi-Media Contact Centers

    Optimizing your customer experience

    Our Contact Center Solutions integrate state of the art voice platforms, SMS texting, Chat, Email, Screen Sharing, and Video Conferencing. Call Recording and Comprehensive System Reports and real-time monitoring enlighten your management team how your system is being used by customers, vendors, and your staff. Please ask our implementation managers about the synergy of integrating our Contact Centers with your CRM and Point of Sale systems.

    Custom Development

    We develop to fit your needs

    Every organization is different. Through our custom development solutions, we also use or Application Programming Interfaces write programs to tailor applications to look like and work as your business demands.

    Multiple Locations

    Manage company communications across locations

    Unite each business location via a single point of administration with a graphical user interface that allows storing and forwarding of voice mail, fax, email and corporate-only instant messaging across the larger organization. Transfer calls across locations and manages your presence from wherever you are.

    Office Relocation

    Remove stress from relocation

    Alternate Access manages the entire process from acquiring or moving internet connections, porting local and toll-free phone numbers, e911 and all the steps required to move. And with our cloud hosted implementations, your move can be done virtually without missing a single phone call.

    Telecommuting & Mobile Workforce

    Stay productive on the go

    Ensure no opportunity is missed through the use of Voice over IP and Universal Access. Link your work accounts to your mobile phone or tablet to ensure selected customers can reach you whenever you want to be reached.

    Unified Communication

    Uniting your communication platforms in one system

    Align all forms of communication to your desktop or mobile device. Voicemail messages are accurately transcribed and accompanied by audio files. Faxes can be send and received on desktops and mobile devices. Call received at mobile device by an office application to separate them from personal cell phone calls. Likewise, external calls from the mobile device application show the office Caller ID and are reported with other office calls and governed by office security policies. Arrange audio and video conferences from Desktop or Mobile applications.

  • Products

    Designed to keep your communications moving


    Cloud Hosted Telephony

    Alternate Access offers geo-redundant hosted telephony platform for businesses across a wide variety of industries. These solutions deliver unprecedented communications capabilities to companies.

    IVR systems

    Cloud hosted

    Alternate Access has experience in all areas of IVR development. We have successfully deployed applications that not only use touch tones for input but have also implemented automatic speech recognition and integrated with websites and back in databases.

    Fax over IP

    Cloud hosted

    Cloud fax systems allow documents to be sent and received through your email system. Alternatively we provide adapters that allow conventional fax machines and multi-function printers send and receive faxes across our cloud infrastructure.

    Telephones & Specialty Equipment

    Integration matters

    Whether it is for linking the overhead paging system or that gate phone, Alternate Access provides all the necessary equipment and expertise to meet your requirements.

    Video Conferencing & Screen Sharing

    Get there without traveling

    Our solutions for video conferencing are both ubiquitous and easy to use. We integrate our cloud systems with your operation to minimize your use of internet bandwidth and phone lines. Conferences can include 2-way screen sharing, audio bridges and integrated desk phones, mobile phones, smartphone applications, tablets, PCs, and MACs.

    Telephony Servers

    When on-Premise, installation is a must

    Alternate Access specifications will provide server equipment that meets the most aggressive availability and redundancy requirements.

  • Platforms

    Learn more about the systems we can offer you.

    VOIP Tools enables you to build a first class call center for your business. Click here to learn more about VOIP Tools today.
    3CX Phone System is an open standard Windows-based IP PBX that provides superior features and flexibility at a far lower cost and replaces traditional PBX hardware phones. It supports popular SIP phones, VoIP providers and traditional PSTN lines. 3CX Phone System's web-based management console...
    It is time for all customers to Move on from TeleVantage®. It was a product that was ahead of its time in so many ways. However, sadly, the product reached the end of life and was discontinued in 2013. With no product enhancements, updates or security patches since. TeleVantage also is no longer...
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  • Implementation Services

    How we help you get started


    Review or your operation and goals for improvement. Examination of LAN and WAN capabilities, current processes and call flows, and infrastructure.

    Installation & Planning

    Create and installation project plan identifying the steps to be completed over the course of the installation including details of milestones and responsible parties.


    Documentation of new processes and methods with emphasis on train-the-trainers and end-user deliverables to reinforce the process. Skills transfer over a 60-day post implementation period to help ensure the customer is as self-sufficient as they are comfortable.


    Comprehensive technical support where Alternate Access resources take ownership of the support issues. Problems are documented and resolved quickly, keeping the customer posted along the way. Where product design points require a specific operation be done differently than before, Alternate Access will document the workaround with a goal of using new features to accomplish the task more efficiently than before.

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