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CallTower's Native Microsoft Teams

CallTower’s Native for Microsoft Teams 

The Worlds Most Dynamic Communication System

CallTower brings the future of anytime, anywhere communications to your business.

Do you want to stay productive wherever you go? Do you want to work faster and find exciting new ways to communicate, build deeper insights, and share information using your favorite devices?

Do you want your business tools that work as hard as you do? As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can turn the world’s most universal software package into a complete hosted phone system for your business — Now that’s ground-breaking!

MS Teams improves business communication and collaboration by streamlining interactions with employees and customers across the globe!

Adding CallTower Complete telephone and conferencing capabilities to your Office 365 license enables your business to boost productivity and save valuable money.

This communications platform behaves just like business class telephone systems that organizations have come to rely upon for day-to-day operations + it is enhanced with mobility apps, voice mail options, security, storage, collaboration and conferencing plans and much, much more.

ROI Calculator 

Use our ROI calculator to discover significant business savings when you implement a hosted Microsoft Teams solution in the cloud! Click here.

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CallTower's Microsoft Voice Solutions 

We have put together a white paper detailing our Microsoft Voice solutions. 

CallTower’s Microsoft Teams solution provides a feature rich solution to fit your business needs along with a wide range of Polycom and other Microsoft integrated devices.

 MS Teams Features  Features Standard + VoiceEnterprise + Voice MS Teams Desktop Instant Messaging PC to PC Calls Outlook Calendar & Contact Integration with Exchange or Office 365 Click to Dial from Office 365/Outlook Video Ability to Join Meetings Mobile Client (IM, Presence, MS Teams Audio/Video) Mobile Client (Full Call Ability Functionality) Ability to Join Teams Conference Meetings Teams to/from PSTN (External) Calling Microsoft Native Contact Center (additional license required) Speech to Text Transcription Auto Name Recognition from Auto Attendant Integration with Personal Contacts when Notified of Messages or Calls Conference Organizer 50 Participants (increase to 250 for an extra fee) Schedule and Host Teams Conferences Recording of Teams Meetings and Conferences Desktop Sharing Application and White Board Sharing 

To get a full list of features and licenses, contact us at or 919.831.8288

MS Teams Devices

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Polycom RealPresence Trio 

Delivers the best ever audio experience from the huddle room to the boardroom RealPresence Trio breaks Through the Sound Barrier 

Polycom RealPresence Trio is the only modular smart hub in the market today and your expectations of group collaboration will be forever changed. Modular in design and priced right for mass deployment, RealPresence Trio is perfect for any size group.

 The Power of Voice 

The human voice is a powerful vehicle for delivering your thoughts. Have you ever heard someone speak and you instantly knew the feeling they were trying to convey by just the inflection of their voice? Tone of a voice can instill confidence or uncertainty. With RealPresence Trio we have enhanced our patented HD Voice technology even further to deliver deep, rich audio and even multi-media content playback, – the best ever. Even the best technology is not immune to its environment. Extraneous noises such as rustling papers, typing on a keyboard, or sirens outside a window are all too common in meetings and distracting to listeners. With Polycom’s exclusive NoiseBlock technology, RealPresence Trio automatically mutes when background noise is present giving your conversation top priority.

RealPresence Trio also extends the audio experience by making it easy for you to bring your own device (BYOD) and access your own virtual ecosystem through wired or wireless pairing for mobile phone and soft-client audio calling.

 Share Your Ideas* 

When words aren’t enough and you need to share your ideas, concepts and images visually, RealPresence Trio is the only smart hub on the market flexible enough to include HD content sharing from your own device (BYOD) including your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Sometimes you just want to collaborate more effectively with people who are in the same room. Sharing content and rich media is simple-to-use in or out of a call.

With so many ways to collaborate, sharing ideas can sometimes feel complicated. Who wants to learn yet another interface? Thankfully, RealPresence Trio supports content sharing using familiar interfaces such as MS Teams or Polycom RealPresence solutions with SmartPairing.

 See Their Reactions*  

There are times when nothing can take the place of face-to-face communication and seeing live reactions and body language. Support for a 1080p30 USB camera provides business-grade video and gives you that next level of real-time engagement that is critical for more effective collaboration and closure.

  • RealPresence Trio leverages open, standards-based video protocols to ensure interoperability with other standard-based solutions and call control platforms

*Requires the Polycom RealPresence Trio Visual+ accessory

  •  Simple to Use & Manage 
  • Speed connection for every call and eliminate errors with the intuitively simple and vibrant 5” touchscreen
  • Easily join a meeting with one-step-to-join and calendar integration and notifications
  • Thoughtful touches like an illuminated mute button on each leg allows everyone to easily manage the collaboration experience
  • Quick and easy to deploy – just like a phone including zero-touch provisioning and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)

Clarity Connect is a cloud-managed contact center that manages calls, IMs, emails, web chats and other communications for your customers, employees or partners.

Clarity Connect is native to MS Teams, so it extends the functionality of Teams rather than replicating it, and expanding the communication and collaboration capabilities of the platform you already have in place. This allows you to leverage your investment in Office 365 and Microsoft Teams while still garnering all the advantages of a cloud contact center.


Clarity Connect is cloud-managed, so you can deploy a contact center for Office 365, or for a cloud-hosted or on-premises installation of MS Teams. This allows you to keep your options for cloud deployments open: for example, if you’re on Teams now and want to move to Office 365 later, Clarity Connect can seamlessly migrate with you.

LEARN MORE Clarity Federated Deployment Options  Hosted Microsoft MS Teams 

With Clarity Connect, all calls are delivered to agents via federation, so on-premises infrastructure is not needed. Instead, incoming calls go to one of our select hosting partners. Clarity Connect then intelligently routes the call, and delivers it to an agent via federation. 

An instance of Clarity Connect runs in the hoster’s MS Teams environment and handles the intake, queuing, and routing of calls. (1) The PSTN number is pointed at the hoster’s instance of Microsoft Teams, which then (2) routes incoming calls at that number to Clarity Connect. (3) Clarity Connect determines how the call should be routed and queued, and (4) delivers the call to the agent via federation. (5) Communication continues to end of session between the agent and Clarity Connect via federation.

 On-Premises MS Teams 

Clarity Connect is cloud-managed, so clients can to move their contact center to the cloud, regardless of whether they have Office 365 or MS Teams (on-premises or fully hosted). This model is flexible and helps clients

 Benefits of Clarity Connect for Office 365 

Clarity Connect enables you to move to the cloud while still leveraging your existing Microsoft investments.

  1. Deploy quickly and easily. There are no significant up-front costs or additional IT investments needed – instead, Clarity Connect is provisioned within a known hosted environment, ensuring a successful deployment. In addition, growth in your contact center can easily be accommodated with no additional investments technology infrastructure.
  2. No desktop installation. Anyone who is an O365 user can handle contact center interactions without further client-side installation – game changers for quick setup, maintenance and mobility.
  3. Simple maintenance and peerless reliability. Clarity Connect is native to MS Teams and does not complicated or duplicate call control. An instance of Clarity Connect simply runs in the hoster’s Teams environment and handles the intake, queuing, and routing of calls.
  4. Multi-channel communications. Use the full unified communications and collaboration functionality of O365, and easily add new features like web chat to improve efficiency and customer satisfatcion.
  5. Mobility. Leverage the seamless and secure external access of O365 for speedy user onboarding, disaster recovery, and for for remote workers and workers who move around or don’t use desk phones.
  6. Cost savings. Get rid of expensive PBX infrastructure and reduce maintenance resource costs. Plus, Clarity Connect is available at a lower price point than traditional call center products. This means you can deploy contact software where it would have been cost-prohibitive to do so before, for help desks, internal customer service operations and informal contact centers.
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Intelligent Routing 

Clarity Connect provides all the tools you need to identify the caller, determine their need, and quickly get them routed to the best available expert in your organization.Quick IVR

Technology is awesome. Clarity Connect offers a web based visual call flow editor that allows you to create a powerful user experience that can process voice calls and chat sessions. With third party integration for intelligent routing and customer look ups your team will have what they need to succeed.

Call Routing

Allow callers to connect to your best agents through an automated call distributor. With world class skills based routing, configurable queues, dynamic routing and call back options there is no better solutions on the market


Allow callers to connect to your best agents through an automated call distributor. With world class skills based routing, configurable queues, dynamic routing and call back options there is no better solutions on the market

Application Integrations 

Integrating your contact center with critical systems is important to your overall success. Clarity Connect offers multiple integrations with some of the most widely used platforms in the industry.

CRM: Clarity Connect supports seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, allowing you to route calls based on customer data, deliver customer details to agents, and push data into customer records. CRM data is accessible directly within the Quick IVR call flow editor and is delivered to agents using our web-based agent console.

Data Integration: Clarity Connect also allows for accessing other external data via ODBC connection, WCF services, or HTTP calls to gather routing information or build and generate a custom screen pop URL for other third-party web-based applications.

Web Chat: In today’s customer demanding world companies are looking to offer better ways to connect with their customers and improve the service experience. Clarity Connect makes the process simple through a web gateway that is quick to configure and deploy, offers skills based routing to your agents and provides chat transcripts.

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