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The Netfortris and PBXtra products offer an excellent communication strategy for companies with workers who spend the majority of their day at their workstation. The Heads Up Display (HUD) lets your staff know the status of other employees in the business via dynamic presence management and provides several methods of communicating with other staff – voice, voice mail, text messaging to cell phones, chat, and e-mail – all right from the HUD. Built on market-proven commercial technologies, Netfortris Pro by Fonality is an affordable communication solution that is easy to use and manage, scalable, reliable, and delivers enterprise-class features. The Netfortris Pro solution supports branch locations, home workers, and even workers on the road; and, it comes in Enterprise and Call Center models to give SMBs large company capabilities at a small company price. It also gives SMBs the ability to save money by utilizing VoIP service providers and conducting conference calls in-house instead of using expensive third party providers.

Its hybrid-hosted approach gives companies the best of both worlds – autonomy in administrating their phone system while ensuring that up-time, new releases, software updates and remote support are readily available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

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